Getting the Right CPA!

Welcome to Los Angeles Accountants. Here at LA Accountants we know how important it is to have the right CPA handling your financial details in an organized, professional and trustworthy manner.


Accounting & CPA laws in Los Angeles can be a headache.

With all the headaches of running a day to day business, particulars like tax preparation, profit and loss statements, and even detailed company payroll, can really be a job all in itself.

Getting the right Los Angeles CPA or accountant can be the difference between giving away money, or saving it and putting it to your business bottom line.

There are many things that one should ask a potential CPA before considering using them as a Los Angeles CPA.

Here are just a few:

- Is the CPA State Certified?

- Does the Accountant Take Continuing Education Classes?

- Does the CPA take the time to understand Your Business?

- Does the Accountant come to actually visit You at Your Office To Break Down Tax Particulars for True Understanding of What Your Business is Responsible for. (or not responsible for!)

- Does the CPA make educated suggestions on how to maximize deductions and/or use best practices to save on company payroll?

These are just some the important questions you should be asking your potential accountant if you are considering taking them on as your company CPA especially in Los Angeles.

In California there are many complex tax scenarios, shelters and requirements for any company whether they are an S-Corp, LLC and even an “DBA” Sole Proprietorship.

Here at Los Angeles Accountants, our team can offer the most accurate accounting suggestions, tips and overall needs to meet and exceed all of the Los Angeles county requirements.

So take a moment now, and call us with your personal or business accounting questions and take the first step in making these time consuming daily tasks no longer a part of your problems, but instead a part of our professional accounting solutions.